Sue Perkins Reacts With Tears to PETA US Chimpanzee Exposé

Posted by on January 24, 2018 | Permalink

TV presenter Sue Perkins was brought to tears while watching a PETA US exposé in BBC2’s Sue Perkins and the Chimp Sanctuary. In the documentary, she meets chimpanzees with unique personalities, including shy and quiet 24-year-old Jill. Sue is then confronted with the cruelty the chimpanzees suffered at the hands of experimenters.

Jill was once known only as No 1555. From the age of 2, she was used for hepatitis-C research at SEMA, a Maryland laboratory now known as BIOQUAL. Just eight years before Jill’s arrival at the facility, it was the subject of a PETA US exposé. This 1986 footage was featured on US national television and prompted Dr Jane Goodall to call for the facility’s closure after she witnessed its horrific treatment of baby chimpanzees. Four chimpanzees were rescued from this horrendous laboratory during the investigation. See the footage that brought Sue to tears:

The pain that animals face every day for product testing, crude curiosity-driven experiments, and deadly medical training exercises is completely indefensible. As Sue’s documentary shows, animals are not disposable laboratory tools, they’re individuals just like us who want to be free to play, explore, socialise, and be themselves. They don’t want to be forced to endure lives of pain and terror.