Teen Creates Innovative App That Helps People Choose Vegan Foods

Posted by on November 4, 2016 | Permalink

Fourteen-year-old Ayush Sanghavi from Buckinghamshire has earned a Compassionate Teen Award for his hard work and commitment to helping animals.

PETA Photo

In a bid to help people make animal-friendly choices by finding vegan alternatives to meat and dairy foods, Ayush created an innovative mobile app called Vegan Alternatives. It allows users to select a food type and then offers a list of delicious cruelty-free products to choose from and also provides information about why people are turning to a compassionate vegan lifestyle and how it helps save animals.

A lifelong vegetarian, Ayush says he went vegan this year after discovering that in the dairy industry, mother cows’ beloved calves are torn away from them shortly after birth so that humans can consume their milk.

Animals raised for meat often spend their short lives in cramped, squalid conditions before being transported to an abattoir, where their throats will be slit. In the egg industry, male chicks are killed as soon as they hatch, and even so-called “free-range” hens can be crammed into dark, severely crowded sheds. As more and more people choose vegan alternatives to cruelly obtained animal flesh and secretions, many animals are spared a life of suffering.

Not only has Ayush helped animals by using new technology, he has also led an assembly attended by 400 of his fellow students on the cruelty of animal testing.

Congratulations to Ayush for finding new, innovative ways to help animals and spreading the word about how easy it is to locate delicious vegan foods. You can download the Vegan Alternatives app here.