The Artists Singing Out for Animals in France

Posted by on December 23, 2013 | Permalink

We love this inspiring video from rising stars Tribunal Animal, a French band who put animal rights front and centre in their music.

The song “A Vegan Future” calls into question the normalisation of violence towards animals in our society, with bilingual lyrics that form a stirring call to action: “We’re killing fathers, torturing mothers, and eating billions of children”.

This is an exciting time for animal rights in France. Interest in vegan living is steadily increasing in France, with more and more  restaurants “végans” popping up all over the country. Thousands of people every week visit PETA France’s website to take action for animals, and creative groups such as Tribunal Animal are helping to spread the compassionate message even further.

To get a copy of the band’s latest album, Acte II, visit their website. And for more information about how and why to adopt an ethical, plant-based diet, check out our free vegan starter kit. Merci!