The Best Vegan Snacks to Enjoy This World Cup

Posted by on June 28, 2018 | Permalink

Whether you are a die-hard football fan or just turn on your enthusiasm every four years for the World Cup, one thing’s certain: no one should be watching this year’s tournament without some mouth-watering vegan goodies to hand. Here’s our list of the perfect plant-based treats to impress your friends with – although they’re so tasty that we won’t blame you if you end up keeping them all to yourself.

Note: Please always be sure to double-check the ingredients before purchasing any item in this list, as manufacturers are at liberty to change their ingredients at any time.

  • Hippeas

    These little puffed crisps, made from chickpea and rice flour with a handful of flavourful herbs, are perfect for match-induced stress eating. It’s impossible to narrow down which variety – from Cheese & Love to Sweet & Smokin’ – to go for, so we suggest you stock up on all of them ASAP.
  • New Roots Vegan Cheese

    Take your vegan cheese plate to the next level with New Roots’ delicious and ethical alternatives to dairy-based cheese. Who says you can’t spend a classy soirée watching football?PS: We recommend that you pair your cheese with Jacob’s Cream Crackers, which are affordable and will complement any one of New Roots’ varieties perfectly.
  • Doritos Chilli  Heatwave

    These tortilla chips might be “accidentally vegan”, but we’re still more than happy to tuck in. Indulge away, and don’t feel guilty about reaching for the bag more times than you should – it’s World Cup season!
  • Tesco Free From 12 Rocky Road Mini Bites

    Tesco’s Free From Rocky Road Mini Bites are so yummy that you’ll probably eat the whole tub before the first penalty. We’re warning you: they’re extremely irresistible, so prepare to give in.

  • Cofresh Bombay Mix

    You’ll find this bingeable Indian snack in many UK supermarkets and corner shops, which is great news, because you’ll want more once you get a taste for it. If you can’t find this particular brand near you, a variety of other vegan Bombay mix options are available, and they all come with a kick that could rival Harry Kane’s.

  • The Happy Pear Sweet Beet Hummus

    The award-winning Sweet Beet Hummus is a vibrant blend of cooked beetroot, chickpeas, tahini, and extra virgin rapeseed oil. The result is a smooth and creamy dip you’ll never want to see the end of.PS: We recommend that you enjoy this hummus with some pitta bread. Warm the pitta, drizzle it with some oil, and season it with salt and pepper for the most delectable dipping. You’re welcome.
  • Eat Real Hummus Chips

    Eat Real has a range of vegan snacks made entirely from real, natural ingredients with no artificial additives. You can confidently spend the 90-plus minutes of the match telling everybody just how guilt-free these are.
  • Swedish Glace Ice Cream

    Swedish Glace is a soya-based, Italian-style ice cream that is deliciously creamy and comes in vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate flavours. The brand also offers boxes of mini choc ices.