The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Players Scoring Big for Animals

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Some of the world’s very best footballers are getting ready to face off against each other in France this summer during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, but there are already some champions in the Scottish and English teams: the meat-free players.

Here are some of the amazing athletes making great plays for animals – and proving that plant power will get you to the top of your game:

Karen Carney

The England midfielder is a proud vegan and puts her outstanding performance down to her animal-friendly diet:

“I changed to the vegan diet and I feel fabulous, it’s great. I wish I’d done it earlier. … I feel more energised, healthier and happier.”

Jen Beattie

This Scottish defender doesn’t just keep things in check on the pitch – she also does excellent work off of it by promoting vegan eating. Talking about her family dinners, she says there’s no meat on the dining table – instead, she likes to make a vegan curry. Set a place for us, Jen!

Chloe Arthur

“Why slaughter animals when you can get all the nutritious meals without having to do that?” asks Scottish defender Chloe. The footballer is vegan and even credits her animal-friendly lifestyle with helping her sustain fewer injuries.

“I feel better in myself and recover better as an athlete, whether that is psychological or not. Definitely this year, I have had less issues with injuries.”

Caroline Weir

The Scottish midfielder is happy to have kicked meat out of her life, noticing improvements since making the compassionate choice. She made her decision after talking with other athletes, which goes to show that the fittest people know a meat-free diet is the healthy way forward.

Phil Neville

Understanding that countless animals are slaughtered for food every day, the England manager has ditched all animal-derived foods. Whether or not he leads his team to World Cup glory, we know one thing’s for sure: he’s setting a winning example.


What You Can Do

With so many delicious and healthy plant-based options available, going vegan is now easier than ever. To help end animal exploitation and take a stand against speciesism, sign our 30-day vegan pledge, which is packed with tips on eating vegan.