The Food of Love

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PETA’s here with some advice for singletons looking for love this autumn and winter (and beyond):

The secret to finding your Romeo or Juliet could be as simple as going vegan! Because, believe it or not, what goes onto your plate has a big impact on what goes on (or doesn’t) in the bedroom! Vegetarians and vegans are, on average, fitter and slimmer than meat-eaters are. Also, heart disease and obesity – both linked to meat consumption – can slow someone down so much that sex can give them a coronary. And the consumption of meat and dairy products is linked to impotence: cholesterol and saturated fats in meat and other animal products restrict the flow of blood to all the body’s vital organs – not just to the heart.

And when you think about it, what could be more of a turn-on than snuggling up to someone who’s both passionate and compassionate this winter.

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