‘The Killing’ Star Joel Kinnaman Wants Sweden to Stop Killing Minks

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Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman© StarMax Inc.
Nearly 30,000 people have called for an end to fur farming in Sweden – and now, they’ve been joined by a famous fur foe: Stockholm-born actor Joel Kinnaman!

On the hit US drama TV series The Killing, Joel searches for cold-blooded murderers. And now in real life, he is looking out for victims of cruel and unnecessary killing – in this case, minks on fur farms in his native country of Sweden.

Joel, who also starred in RoboCop and Suicide Squad, was saddened to learn that Sweden still allows the cruel mink industry to continue, even though both fox and chinchilla fur farming has ended there. So the actor wrote to Sven-Erik Bucht, the Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs, expressing his desire to put an end to all fur farming in Sweden and urging the minister to place a ban on the industry as a whole.

“Sweden is known around the world for its ‘green’ credentials, but mink farming is most definitely not green. I was delighted to learn that the last remaining chinchilla fur farm in Sweden closed down in 2014 and that fox farming has also been phased out in the country. Please join Austria, the UK and other nations by banning all fur farms.”

Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruellest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing and poisoning. There is nothing but a horrible, painful death for animals in the fur industry, and the time has come to end this cruelty.

Join Joel in sending a message to Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs and urging him to ban all fur farms now.