There’s Something Different About This Butcher … and We Love It

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People who stumble upon this stall at the market are bound to think that these butchers are selling cuts of meat, but they might be in for a shock.

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Italian duo Hilary and Alberto, owners of Sgaia Foods, produce a line of “mheats” that are totally animal-free and vegan! Their love of traditional food, coupled with their compassionate decision to follow a vegan lifestyle, gave them the idea to create their own delicious range of faux meats.

🍴UK VEGAN BUTCHER ALERT🍴Our travelling vegan butcher shop will be popping up at several events around the UK in 2016 -…

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They started to create vegan versions of meat products they had eaten while growing up – drawing upon their knowledge of Italian flavours and using soya with wheat protein – to cook up some startlingly meaty foods. So far, they’re offering vegan salami, cured ham, maple bacon rashers, burgers and steaks and are still expanding their range with fresh ideas as they continue to get creative in the kitchen.

The pair are currently touring the UK with their travelling market stall, determined to create tasty vegan alternatives without contributing to the cruelty of the meat industry:

One of our main points is to make just really tasty food using traditional recipes and stick to them as much as we can without the animal products to create an authentic taste. … We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just make alternatives or fake meats, what we make is real and it tastes real.

This isn’t the first vegan butcher shop to cause a stir. The Herbivorous Butcher Shop in Minnesota gained worldwide attention at its grand opening, serving up an enormous selection of vegan meats and cheeses, from barbecue ribs to smoked Gouda.

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With the demand for vegan food on the rise as people steer away from unhealthy meat and dairy foods, these vegan butcher shops are offering a whole new take on how people can ditch the cruelty whilst enjoying the flavours they’re used to. You can sample Sgaia Foods’ vegan selection by visiting their travelling market stall at a town near you. Or why not try these other popular faux meats available all over the UK?