Theresa May Confirms There’ll Be No Vote on Repealing the Hunting Act

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Theresa May has confirmed that no vote will be held on repealing the Hunting Act during this parliament. Speaking on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show, the Prime Minister suggested that although her “personal view” in support of fox hunting remains unchanged, she’s received a “clear message” that the public is opposed to this cruel practice.

The Hunting Act, which came into effect in 2005, outlawed the hunting of foxes and other wild mammals with dogs. Even though polls have shown that 84 per cent of the British public wants fox hunting to remain illegal, May came out in favour of repealing the act during last year’s general election campaign and pledged to give MPs a free vote on the issue. Animal lovers across the country were horrified by the Prime Minister’s announcement, and in May 2017, thousands took to the streets of London for a huge rally to demand that the ban stay in place. Supporters of PETA and other animal-protection groups contacted their MPs, urging them to vote against any moves to weaken or repeal the ban.

It’s easy to see why fox hunting is so unpopular – no compassionate person could support a “sport” in which a terrified animal is chased down and savagely torn apart for onlookers’ amusement. Such a barbaric practice should stay consigned to the history books – it has no place in a modern society that respects animals’ lives.

What You Can Do

May’s U-turn on the Hunting Act vote is great news for foxes, but the government has more work to do to protect animals in the UK. Please contact the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove, and ask him to introduce a ban on wild-animal circuses now.