These 3-D Human Tissue Models Will Save Animals From Labs

Posted by on August 13, 2018 | Permalink

The PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. and biotech company Epithelix have joined forces to promote the use of human cell–based testing methods that replace the use of animals.

The groups have launched a contest for researchers to win Epithelix’s three-dimensional reconstructed human respiratory tissue models, which mimic different regions of the respiratory tract and can be used for testing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and household products.

© Epithelix

They can predict the effects of chemicals on human lungs, replacing tests in which animals are squeezed into narrow tubes and forced to inhale chemicals before eventually being killed.

Researchers can enter for a chance to win the Epithelix award here.

The Consortium also regularly hosts workshops and webinars and provides funding to replace the use of animals in inhalation tests. To date, the Consortium and its members have contributed millions of pounds towards accelerating the development and global use of alternatives to tests on animals.

Scientists who share this passion for replacing animal tests with efficient and effective non-animal methods can apply to join the team and be a part of this life-saving work.