This Giant Goose Is Representing Birds in Epic Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight (Photos)

Posted by on April 5, 2014 | Permalink

Today was International Pillow Fight Day – a worldwide flashmob event planned in a spirit of harmless fun. It’s unfortunate, then, that many of the very pillows used in the festivities caused immeasurable harm to the ducks and geese who had the feathers yanked out of their skin to fill them.

PETA’s giant plucked “goose” sprang (or rather, waddled) into action to give revellers in Trafalgar Square a timely reminder about the dire consequences of the down industry for birds.

DSC_1974 DSC_2015 Many birds used for down are live-plucked, meaning that workers painfully rip fistfuls of feathers from their bodies – sometimes so violently that they are left with gaping wounds. This may happen several times a year. Buying down can also support the unethical foie gras industry, as farmers seek to make an extra profit from the geese and ducks that they force-feed by selling their feathers.

PETA US has contacted pillow-fight organisers around the world, asking them to issue “no-down” policies – keep your fingers crossed that the London event will take the compassionate message on board in time for 2015.

Fortunately, down-free pillows are easy to come by, are incredibly comfortable and don’t cause allergies, so the next time the International Pillow Fight Day comes around, you can wallop away to your heart’s content, while letting geese and ducks keep their feathers intact!