Tiny Billboards Send Powerful Message Around the Globe

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These tiny billboards with a not-so-tiny message have been popping up all around the world. When advertising agency BBH‘s most recent interns were tasked with creating “something famous” this summer on a tight US$1,000 budget, they knew they’d have to be seriously smart about it. Interns Yolanda Saetern, Alan Sanchez and Jeff Tepper decided an unconventional take on the classic “look at me” billboard was the answer.

PETA Tiny Billboard -London, UK 2

So Small Billboards for Big Causes was born. Speaking to Adweek, the masterminds said that they “wanted to find a way to help these global causes and sort of turned the idea of a big billboard on its head”. One of the pressing issues they decided to tackle was the killing of Cecil the lion, which had left the world in shock.

PETA Tiny Billboard - Chinatown PETA Tiny Billboard - Chinatown2 PETA Tiny Billboard - New York 2 PETA Tiny Billboard - Sydney PETA Tiny Billboard - Mexico City PETA Tiny Billboard - New York 1 PETA Tiny Billboard - Berlin PETA Tiny Billboard - Brazil

Cecil was lured out of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe by professional hunters and shot with a crossbow by an American dentist who had reportedly paid around £32,000 to go on the hunt. Canned hunts are big business in Africa, where large private landowners allow hunters to pay to kill not only lions but also elephants, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, hippos, deer and antelope – many of them rare or endangered. Because these animals are usually kept in fenced enclosures, they never stand a chance of escaping, fighting back or surviving, and many endure prolonged, painful deaths.

Take action for animals by asking the presidents of South Africa and Zimbabwe to stop allowing heartless hunters to murder Africa’s wildlife for “fun”:

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