Topless ‘Mermaids’ Protest Fishing

Posted by on August 17, 2010 | Permalink

Shoppers and passers-by in Nottingham’s Old Market Square were treated to the sight of two gorgeous PETA “mermaids” in front of the fountain last Wednesday. Holding signs reading “Fishing Hurts”, the topless mermaids were there to tell people about the suffering that fish endure when they are caught and killed for food.

The lovely ladies braved the wet weather (at least it was appropriate to the theme!) and got lots of attention. Meanwhile, two activists handed out leaflets to the crowds to inform them of the cruelty of angling. Many people stopped to ask for more information and were surprised to learn the reality of this supposedly peaceful past time and the suffering it causes.

Fish are smart, fascinating and sensitive animals and harming them, whether for so-called “sport” or for food, is never acceptable. Fish suffer unspeakable horrors when they are caught. The moment they are dragged from the water, they begin to slowly suffocate, and many have their throats ripped out when anglers remove the hook.

Scientists have shown time and time again that fish do feel pain, despite what anglers may tell you. Fish have complex nervous systems, and the nerves in their mouths and lips are particularly sensitive. Their response to pain may not match that of mammals, but do not assume that because fish cannot scream they do not suffer. They do!

Like every other animal, fish deserve to be treated with respect. Those that get a kick out of hurting defenceless animals might want to check out the “Help and Resources” page on our new website for advice on making lifestyle changes and focusing their energies on more compassionate activities. And of course, the best thing that anyone can do to help fish and other animals is to switch to a vegan diet. Click here to request a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.