More British Travel Providers Drop SeaWorld and Elephant Rides

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We have exciting news for elephants, orcas, and all compassionate humans. After hearing from PETA, luxury British travel provider Pure Destinations and sister company Honeymoon Dreams have stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld and removed elephant rides from their itineraries.

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“Pure Destinations and Honeymoon Dreams support PETA’s mission of ending the suffering of animals in tourism. Our customers want to see whales and dolphins living free in the ocean, not in concrete tanks, which is why we’ve stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld. And in order to protect elephants from abuse – and [for] the safety of our customers – we’ve removed all elephant rides from our itineraries.”
– Lakh Hayer, founder and managing director of Pure Destinations and Honeymoon Dreams

This month, two more companies – Citalia and Sovereign Luxury Travel – confirmed to PETA that they do not and will not sell tickets to SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Sucks

In nature, orcas make friends, cooperate to find food, and traverse up to 140 miles of ocean every day. Those at SeaWorld languish in cramped tanks and may be kept in solitary confinement for months. Many suffer from stress-induced injuries and illnesses.

Pure Destinations and Holiday Dreams join a long list of companies – including British Airways Holidays, Virgin Holidays, Thomas Cook, Premier Holidays,, and Tripadvisor – that have stopped promoting SeaWorld’s watery prisons.

Elephant Rides Are Wrong

Elephants’ spirits must be broken before humans can climb onto their backs. Handlers separate baby elephants from their mothers, tether them with ropes, starve them, gouge them with weapons, and beat them mercilessly for weeks on end. Those who survive this hell spend their lives in servitude under the constant threat of punishment. They’re often worked to death.

The British travel association ABTA has said it’s unacceptable for tourists to take elephant rides. The UK government is considering making it illegal for travel companies to promote the cruel activity.

Why Is TUI Still Profiting From Animal Abuse?

All animals deserve respect. They aren’t selfie props or carousels. No travel provider should profit from the exploitation of animals.

PETA urges TUI – which is still giving a financial lifeline to SeaWorld – to stop supporting animal abuse. Will you join us?

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