Vagabond Joins the List of Brands to Release a Vegan Shoe Range

Posted by on March 24, 2016 | Permalink

Even more vegan-friendly and fashionable shoes have hit the market, with the release of Swedish brand Vagabond‘s new line of Non-Animal shoes! The new collection focuses on using sustainable materials to help tackle climate change.

The collection, available here, features seven different exciting options for women, and we hope the vegan collection will become a permanent feature in Vagabond’s future ranges.

Not only does the global demand for leather result in the deaths of millions of animals every year, leather production is also an environmental disaster. To stop animal skins from decomposing, they’re treated with highly toxic chemicals and dyes. Lack of proper waste disposal systems often leads to dangerous toxic waste being dumped into rivers or fields. Vagabond hopes its Non-Animal shoes will allow conscientious consumers to choose an alternative to leather and help its range become more sustainable.

Vagabond recognises that there is a growing demand from compassionate, eco-friendly shoppers for leather-free shoes and follows in the footsteps of Esprit, TOMS, Amélie Pichard and etnies, which also offer animal-friendly collections.

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