Vegan Athlete’s Top Three Health and Fitness Tips

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It’s no secret that animal-derived items like meat and dairy foods are bad for your health. Meat-eaters have a higher risk of life-threatening disease, and authorities such as the British Medical Association confirm that vegetarians have lower rates of obesity, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Anyone who’s looking to get healthy, lose weight or simply improve his or her own well-being should consider adopting a diet free of unhealthy animal-derived foods. Lisa Gawthorne, a competitive runner and fitness enthusiast, is living proof that a vegan lifestyle can improve your health and fitness. Her new book, Gone in 60 Minutes, is full of motivational tips for those who want to get fit and feel great.

Lisa Gawthorne Vegan Athlete Running Fitness

“I want to help shift stagnant thought patterns and stimulate new ways of working out, eating compassionately, using supplements and staying motivated through it all. I’m hoping readers will come away, after just one hour, empowered to get fit fast – the vegan way!”

Here’s a summary of Gawthorne’s top three vegan fitness tips:

  • Mix up your proteins. It doesn’t all have to be tofu. Try to incorporate a mix of other protein sources with meals or snacks, such as beans, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Don’t repeat workouts that aren’t yielding results. As with varying your diet, it’s just as important to try new regimes at the gym. Have a good mix of steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training during the week, and don’t be afraid to lift weights: weightlifting burns fat even after you go home, empowers you and makes you physically strong.
  • Consistency is key. Modern life makes it tough to follow regimes rigidly, so allow yourself a cheat meal weekly so that you can eat what you want – then you won’t crave less healthy foods as much during the week. But consistency really is key: if you can be as consistent as possible with both your fitness and your diet, you will see the results.

Inspirational vegan athletes like Gawthorne prove that you can be at the peak of fitness while enjoying a healthy, nutritious vegan diet. Try it for yourself. Check out her book, and order a free vegan starter kit to help you get going.

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