Vegan Message Comes to Dublin and Belfast!

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A curious sight greeted anyone who happened to be passing by Dublin’s Henry Street on Wednesday or Belfast’s Arthur Square on Thursday: a scantily-clad PETA supporter lying on a person-sized plate, drizzled with sauce, alongside a pile of vegetables and a gigantic knife and fork.

Yes, these were the latest instalments of PETA’s iconic “Relate to Who’s on Your Plate” demos, which get passersby thinking about what – or indeed who – they’re eating. As World Vegan Month gets underway this November, we’re in the Emerald Isle to illustrate that we’re all flesh and blood and that animals who are killed, chopped up and served as meat have personalities and feelings, just as we do.

Sexiest vegan lady gets almost naked for PETA event

The star of Dublin’s demo was lovely Laura, who was crowned the UK and Ireland’s Sexiest Vegan earlier this year, while in Belfast, compassionate psychology student Gemma braved the elements to get the meat-free message across.

Interest in vegetarian and vegan diets is massively on the increase in Ireland, with more and more people choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle. Just in August, the gorgeous Rosanna Davison showed the world how proud she is to be vegan by starring in a spicy ad for PETA.

Given the harmful effects that eating animal products can have on your body – increasing the risk of suffering from various ailments from some types of cancer to obesity and heart disease – going vegan is also a recipe for staying fit and healthy. And of course, plant-eaters enjoy peace of mind because they know that nobody had to die for the food on their plate!

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