3 Delicious Vegan Products Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Posted by on April 30, 2015 | Permalink

Barely a week goes by without some new vegan products emerging for us to get ridiculously overexcited about.

And it’s extra exciting when those same products are stocked in some of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains, making yummy vegan food even more accessible to people all over the country.

Here are three of the supermarket finds that have us licking our lips this summer:Tesco Vegan Ice Cream Cones

Tesco Free-From Strawberry and Vanilla Cones:

These are basically the taste of your childhood but are made from a recipe that matches your new, grown-up vegan ethics. Even non-vegans have been gushing about how tasty they are.

Other vegan favourites from Tesco’s free-from range include some darn fine vegan cream cheese, crème caramel and chocolate puddings.

Violife from company

Violife Vegan Cheese Slices at ASDA:

We’ve been fans of these ultra-convenient dairy-free cheese slices for ages. They make it so easy to enjoy a good old-fashioned cheese sandwich without supporting cruelty to any animals.

Fry's Nuggets1

Fry’s Faux Meats at Morrisons:

Just in time for barbecue season, a selection of Fry’s faux-meat products is arriving in the freezers of Morrisons. Be warned – some of their “meats” taste so convincing that you’ll be double-checking the packaging to make sure they really are vegan!


It’s definitely a sign of the times that pretty much every major supermarket across the UK now knows that they need to cater to ethical eaters who are clued up on where their food comes from and refuse to support the exploitation of animals.

If your local branch doesn’t stock any of these products, be sure to ask a staff member whether they’ll be coming soon – customer demand will help make sure these products are rolled out across the country.

Which store do you reckon has the best vegan haul? Let us know your shopping tips in the comments below!