Vegan Recipes to See Marathon Runners Across the Finish Line

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I’m vegan because I believe that all living beings are entitled to the same basic right to live for their own purposes, free from unnecessary suffering. That’s one of the reasons why I’m running in the Virgin Money London Marathon on 24 April to raise funds for PETA and their work for animals!

Karen Marathon Run Molly

Being vegan and knowing that I am running to help animals will give me the motivation to cross the finish line, and eating plant-based food will also help get me there physically. Since I chose to switch to a vegan diet, my running has improved, I feel like I have more energy and even my recovery times have benefited from the naturally antioxidant-rich vegan foods I eat.

You can help save animals’ lives by eating vegan, and it might even improve your fitness in preparation for a big run. Try out these vegan recipes for marathon runners in training:

A nutritious breakfast is essential on the day of a run:

High-protein smoothies can help you recover after a hard session:

After a day of training, these vegan post-workout meals will top up your energy:

It’s important to plan your pre-marathon dinner to ensure you have fuel for the next day:

These snacks will re-energise you and keep you going:

Make sure you treat yourself to some vegan junk food after all the hard work is over! Try this:


PETA works to educate the public about the horrors inflicted on animals in the food industry and others. They promote an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect, and I’m proud to be running in the London Marathon to support this group.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal of £500 by making a donation today.

Guest post written by Karen Denton