Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue. If You’re Vegan, These Gifts Are for You

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Been struck by Cupid’s arrow? If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, wear your heart on your sleeve by choosing compassionate, cruelty-free gifts!

No one should suffer for your display of affection. But cows on dairy farms live desperate, miserable lives for the milk used in many chocolates. And on fur farms animals endure horrific cruelty and confinement for just a little fur trim. Even some lingerie is made from silk, which requires some 6,600 silkworms to be killed just to make 1 kilogram of the stuff. Luckily, compassionate lovers can still enjoy sexy faux-fur and slinky synthetic products as well as dairy-free vegan chocolates:

Want to go all the way and veganise your sex life? For down bedding, feathers may be violently torn from live geese and ducks, and some condoms can contain animal ingredients. Celebrate love by choosing vegan-friendly products.

Pillows down

Next Essentials 2 Pack Pillows

Vegan condoms

Glyde Ultra Vegan Condoms

Divet down

Debenhams Feels Like Down Duvet