Dairy-Free Yogurt Available in the UK

Posted by on August 24, 2016 | Permalink

As the market for dairy-free foods continues to grow, the array of tasty vegan yogurt has become pretty impressive. Since many supermarkets offer their own-brand products and specialist vegan brands create a fantastic array of flavours, finding dairy-free yogurt has become easy and affordable.

The following are a few examples:

Alpro Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

Alpro Vanilla Yogurt Dairy Free Vegan

Koko Dairy Free Plain Yogurt

Koko Dairy Free Vegan Yogurt

Tesco Free From Natural YoghurtTesco Free From Yogurt Vegan Dairy Free

Coyo Dairy Free Milk Coconut YoghurtCo Yo Coconut Dairy Free Vegan Yogurt

Alpro Cherry & Blueberry Yogurt AlternativeAlpro Soya Cherry Blueberry Vegan Dairy Free Yogurt

The Coconut Collaborative Blueberry Yogurt AlternativeThe Coconut Collaborative Vegan Dairy Free YogurtProvamel Soya Cherry Yoghurt Alternative

Provamel Cherry Vegan Dairy Free Yogurt

Tesco Free From Strawberry Soya FromageTesco Free From Vegan Fromage Frais Yogurt

Since all these tasty products are available, there’s no need to support the cruel dairy industry, in which cows are treated like milk-producing machines. Animals are artificially inseminated, and then their young are taken away from them after as little as one day so that the milk intended for the babies can be siphoned off for human consumption. This cycle repeats until they are worn out and can no longer produce such high volumes of milk – then they are sent to the abattoir and killed.

There are other fantastic alternatives to dairy foods that make transitioning to a vegan lifestyle even simpler: