Victory: Moonpig Pulls Greetings Cards Showing Captive Great Apes

Posted by on December 9, 2019 | Permalink

After learning from PETA of the harm caused by selling greetings cards featuring depictions of captive great apes in unnatural situations, popular card retailer Moonpig has pledged no longer to sell such products – and has removed all existing ones from its website.

PETA’s request follows studies revealing that inaccurate portrayals of great apes in the media can seriously hinder conservation efforts and may also increase the demand for these dangerous animals as “pets”. 

Advertising agencies and film and television producers have already moved away from using captive great apes, and we hope other greetings card manufacturers will follow Moonpig’s compassionate lead.

Great apes used as “actors” or kept as “pets” are usually taken from their mothers shortly after birth – a traumatic experience that typically results in neurotic and sometimes self-injurious behaviour that can persist into adulthood.

Many consumers are unaware that the “smile” exhibited by chimpanzees on greetings cards is actually a fear grimace, a sign that they’re deeply afraid. And eyewitness investigations have revealed that the physical abuse of apes is standard practice in the entertainment industry.

What You Can Do

Wild animals don’t belong in captivity. Steer clear of any business or activity that uses animals to draw in customers. Never, ever attend an animal circus or visit a zoo, marine park, or other exhibit that exploits animals for entertainment. And please take action for the animals who are languishing inside SeaWorld’s watery prisons: