VICTORY: Scotland Leads the Way With Bill to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

Posted by on May 11, 2017 | Permalink

This is a great day for animals and for democracy: the Scottish government has introduced legislation banning wild-animal circuses!

A public consultation, which took place in 2015, found that an overwhelming 98% of respondents supported a ban. Following this consultation, over 13,000 PETA supporters also contacted the Scottish government, asking them to follow through with introducing the ban as soon as possible. Today’s announcement shows that our voices have been heard, and Scotland’s government respects the will of the people.

The public clearly recognises that captivity is a living hell for animals such as lions and tigers, who endure a lifetime of frustration and misery, denied the chance to act on their most basic instincts. A circus environment, in particular, can never meet their complex needs, as they are carted around the country in barren trailers and cages and forced to perform confusing tricks.

Scotland is the first country in the UK to introduce legislation outlawing wild-animal circuses. Although former Prime Minister David Cameron promised to do the same in England and Wales several years ago, the Westminster government has been dithering on the issue ever since. Both countries need to act now in order to avoid falling further and further behind the growing list of nations putting a stop to this cruel form of entertainment.

What You Can Do

Although Scotland is making progress on this issue, the rest of the UK and Ireland is lagging behind. Please visit our action page to learn what you can do to support bans on wild-animal circuses in these regions: