Victory: Selfridges Drops Foie Gras

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Announcement: As of November 2009, Selfridges have stopped selling foie gras and have pledged not to replenish their stock.

Two White Ducks (Quackers and Crackers)PETA’s two-year campaign to get Selfridges to drop foie gras from their shelves has ended in a victory, pushing forward our campaign to end the misery of ducks and geese who are force-fed. In a telephone call on 9 November to Sir Roger Moore – who has been our chief spokesperson on this issue – Selfridges confirmed that they have ended the sale of foie gras in their stores, promising not to stock this ugly stuff in the future.

This wonderful step forward could not have been possible without the support of compassionate celebrities, dedicated PETA members and volunteers, and others. We at PETA thank Sir Roger Moore for his commitment to the campaign from the outset to the conclusion, and we thank the multitude of activists who wore everything from duck costumes to dinner jackets (and even nothing at all!) in demonstrations outside Selfridges’ stores in all types of weather.

More than 5,000 compassionate people sent e-mails to Selfridges executives via our website, and thousands made telephone calls and posted letters. People across the world learned about our campaign through television, newspaper articles and internet sources, including massively popular blogs.

While we celebrate, as we should, please remember that there are still millions of wonderful animals huddled together in pens or cages, destined to end up on someone’s dinner plate or worn on someone’s back. In their honor, please make a donation today to help PETA’s vital work and produce more victories like this one.

Together, we and the animals will win! Thank you.