VICTORY: The Kooples Breaks Up With Fur!

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The French fashion brand has decided to consciously uncouple from the cruel fur industry.

The Kooples Fur Victory

Excellent news for compassionate fashion: after meeting with a PETA France representative and receiving tens of thousands of e-mails, phone calls, and social media messages from our supporters, chic clothing company The Kooples announced that it will not be using real fur in any future collections.

Kooples London demo 3ed

This decision will spare many animals horror and death on squalid fur farms and brings us one step closer to making the high street completely fur-free. The Kooples now joins a huge list of retailers, from Calvin Klein to Topshop, that have rejected fur. Earlier this year, the brand also stopped selling angora wool, after a wave of protests from concerned consumers.

The Kooples’ director general, Nicolas Dreyfus, said:

We are extremely concerned by animal suffering and … we’ve made the decision to stop the use of all fur in any future collections. . . .

We had already made the choice to stop the use of angora in all our collections and in all countries, which was thanks to PETA’s courage and wisdom in helping us understand the cruel treatment inflicted on animals of which we were not aware.

The Kooples also gave PETA France a generous €10,000 cheque to go towards eradicating the cruel fur trade and saving animals from suffering.

Thank you to everyone who joined the campaign and helped The Kooples see the light. Please share this good news to inspire more people to take action for animals. And remember: if you ever see a shop selling fur, speak out!