This Is What a British Chicken Farm Looks Like

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This depressing new video shows what life is like for the vast majority of chickens raised for meat in Britain.

The footage was shot on a broiler farm in Norfolk. But there’s nothing unusual about what you see in this video. Millions of birds all over the UK are kept in similar conditions. Globally, intensive farms like this one account for around 70 per cent of all chicken meat production.

A typical broiler unit is a huge, barren, windowless shed that houses birds at a time. As chickens grow, they have less and less room in which to move. Often, they’re packed in so tightly that they can barely even spread their wings. The sound – and the smells – are overpowering.

Packed chicken farm

Many birds kept in these sheds become lame, making it painful for them to reach food and water or even to stand up. Sometimes, they get painful burns on their legs and feet from ammonia caused by the huge amounts of faeces piling up around them. Other chickens lose their feathers because of stress or malnutrition or after being pecked by other frustrated birds.

Dead chicken in broiler farm

A typical chicken in these conditions lives for only 6 weeks and never gets to see the outside world. As soon as frightened birds reach “slaughter weight”, they are packed into crates and driven to an abattoir, where their throats are slit.

Many people who eat chicken have never so much as seen a picture of the inside of a broiler farm. They have no idea about the immense suffering behind their food.

Please help open their eyes. Share this video with your meat-eating family and friends.

The best way to help these animals is to stop eating them. For more information about switching to foods that nobody had to suffer for, order one of our free vegan starter kits today.