World Day for Animals in Labs: Small Protesters Hit Parliament With Big Problem

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Unable to hold a real protest because of restrictions on social gatherings, PETA staged a march by an army of adorable animal figurines against a backdrop of the Houses of Parliament today to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

Similar protests were staged around the world, from Paris to Sydney.

Other animals feel pain and fear, just as we do, and their overwhelming natural instincts – like ours – are to be free and to protect their own lives and those of their loved ones. They don’t want to be kept in a small cage inside a laboratory.

Animals in laboratories suffer on a massive scale: in 2018 alone, 3.52 million procedures were carried out on animals in Great Britain. We must stand up for each mouse, rat, guinea pig, dog, and monkey and every other individual animal who was poisoned, emotionally traumatised, forced to swim for survival, or made to suffer from a debilitating disease in archaic and unscientific tests.

We’re also taking a stand for the further 1.81 million animals who were used in 2017 as breeding machines, killed for their body parts, or left to languish in cages for their entire lives.

Animal Testing Must End

Studies show that 90% of basic research – most of which involves experiments on animals – fails to deliver treatments for humans. In some disease areas, such as HIV/AIDS and strokes, the failure rate is 100%.

Now more than ever, the government has a moral obligation to advance human health, and it can do so more effectively by recognising the problems caused by flawed experiments on animals. To provide the effective treatments and vaccines required by patients today, it’s vital that we switch to innovative, human-relevant technology.

Join the Protest

To join our virtual protest, download one of our demonstration images and post it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook:

Be sure to include the #WDAIL hashtag and the link to this page – – in your post.

Here’s some suggested text:

Join me in taking action for animals this World Day for Animals in Laboratories! 🐭🐰🐶🐵 #WDAIL


Sign Our Petition

For the dogs who’ll never get to run around the park, for the rats who can only dream of exploring their natural habitat, and for the millions of other animals denied their freedom and all that’s important to them, we’re calling on the government to commit to ending all experiments on animals. It’s vital that the government redirect funds to superior, non-animal methods – such as sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues and advanced computer-modelling techniques – which would benefit humans and animals alike.

Will you join us by adding your name to our petition?