Here’s Why We Disrupted the International Business Awards’ Red Carpet Today

Posted by on October 21, 2016 | Permalink

Protesters turned up at the 2016 International Business Awards in Rome with “dead geese” to object to the recognition of a company that produces vile foie gras.


Foie gras production – in which tubes are shoved down the throats of ducks and geese, who are force-fed until their livers explode – is so cruel that it’s actually illegal in Italy and many other countries, including Germany, Poland, and the UK.

So it’s outrageous that US-based foie gras producer D’Artagnan has been given the Bronze Stevie Award for Company of the Year – Food & Beverage. Cruellest Company of the Year would be a more fitting accolade!


To make this point, two compassionate PETA supporters paid a surprise visit to the red carpet outside the awards with a huge “trophy” and props that reminded passers-by of the victims of the foie gras industry. Their goal was both to raise awareness of the reality of foie gras, encouraging the public to avoid this unethical product, and to embarrass the awards organisation for endorsing this cruelty.

Take Action Against Foie Gras

We can reduce the number of animals suffering on foie gras farms by reducing demand for this “torture in a tin”. Progress is already being made, as dozens of high-profile institutions, from Wimbledon to the House of Lords, are responding to pressure and refusing to serve the vile pâté.

Help speed this process along: if you ever see foie gras on sale in a shop or on a restaurant menu, please write to the company and urge it to put in place a foie gras–free policy.