Welsh Protesters Take On Cruel Chipperfield Circus

Posted by on August 25, 2015 | Permalink

The small Welsh town of Llanwnda has become a hotbed of activism in the past few days, as local people have taken to the streets to protest against the arrival of Thomas Chipperfield’s exotic-animal show, “An Evening With Lions and Tigers” – one of the last travelling circuses in the UK that still uses wild animals.

welsh circus protest

The people of Llanwnda simply do not want this cruel, archaic spectacle to cast a shadow on their town. The circus has reportedly given away tickets in order to boost low attendance numbers. Considering that 94 per cent of the British public have said they want to see circuses that use wild animals banned, it’s no surprise that Chipperfield is struggling to find people willing to pay to see big cats paraded around and forced to perform absurd routines.

We teamed up with the local protesters to educate the public about what’s wrong with animal circuses, and to go one step further in our efforts to persuade punters to stay away from the show, we offered potential customers £5 not to go! But after learning how lions and tigers in circuses often endure physical abuse behind the scenes and are forced to live in intense isolation, thousands of miles from their natural home, most people don’t need any further incentive to turn their backs on such performances.

welsh circus 2If you live in North Wales and would like to join the protest – which will be held every day while the circus is in town until 23 August – sign up for the Facebook event here.

And help put pressure on the government to make good on its promise and ban wild-animal circuses in England and Wales. Send a message to David Cameron here.