Why We’ve Just Given a London Department Store a Huge Pile of Fur Coats

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This winter, we’ve teamed up with top-notch department store Liberty to help animals and the homeless at the same time. We’ve provided the store, which has a long-standing policy against selling fur, with an abundance of fur coats that were donated to us by members of the public who had a change of heart after seeing the cruelty involved in fur production. The coats will be used in Liberty’s annual coat drive to help the homeless keep warm during the chilly winter months.

The message that people should take away is that only those in desperate need have an excuse for wearing fur. After all, there’s nothing glamorous about raising animals in filthy cages, anally electrocuting them and ripping or cutting off their skins – the fate of thousands of animals on fur farms all around the world.

And our fur coat “amnesty” programme is still going on! If you have any fur garments lingering in your closet, either inherited or purchased before you learnt about the horrors of fur farming, we are always happy to accept them. We’ll put them to good use, whether in awareness-raising demonstrations, by donating them to those in need or even by sending them to animal shelters to be used as bedding. Of course, we always mark the fur coats first, so there’s no chance they’ll end up back on the market.

Post your unwanted furs to:PETA fur coat amnesty

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation

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Image: Rosie Barnett