We’ve Sent the Prime Minister an Animal-Friendly Birthday Gift

Posted by on September 30, 2016 | Permalink

On the heels of her 60th birthday, PETA has sent a glamorous gift to Prime Minister Theresa May: a pair of vintage-inspired vegan court shoes to add to her famously chic wardrobe.


The PM is known for her love of shoes, and this classic pair by vegan brand Beyond Skin, in black faux suede with a stiletto heel and a delicate jewelled strap, is sure to delight. We hope the gift will also make the point that cruelty-free materials are far kinder to animals and the environment and encourage her to take steps to make Britain a more compassionate nation for animals.

More than 1 billion animals – including cows and calves, horses, lambs, goats, pigs, and even dogs and cats – are killed worldwide for the leather trade every single year. Because of the murky international supply chain, there’s really no way of knowing whose skin you’re wearing and how the animals suffered because of it.

Not only does the leather industry cause millions of animals to suffer, it’s also an environmental disaster. To prevent animal skins from rotting, leather is treated with a host of toxic chemicals during the tanning process. Dangerous waste from tanneries is often dumped into rivers or onto riverbanks or nearby fields, leading to water and soil pollution. This causes immense damage to the environment, as well as jeopardising the health of workers and local populations in developing countries where this work is done.

We hope this pair of stylish leather-free shoes will encourage Theresa May to make animal-friendly choices in the future, starting with finally bringing into effect the promised ban on wild-animal circuses in the UK.

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