What Will YOU Do on Earth Day?

Posted by on April 22, 2012 | Permalink

Worried about the environment? If your answer is “Yes”, then we have a great way for you to help slow down climate change and save animals at the same time. Interested? Well, the single most important thing that you can do is ditch animal products from your diet and go vegan!

The livestock production industries are now recognised by the UN as one of the top contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems. An immense strain is placed on our water and land resources. To put it into perspective, it would take 50 baths’ worth of water to produce just one steak! And vast areas of land are being cleared to grow crops to feed animals, leading to soil erosion and threatening local species. The waste of the dairy and meat industry is the top cause of water pollution and soil erosion, according to UN reports.

Aside from causing huge destruction to our planet and releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere, eating animal products also causes immense animal suffering and is a key player in the obesity epidemic. Why not join House actor Lisa Edelstein and eat green for the planet and for animals? Need a helping hand? Order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit. Happy Earth Day!