What’s His Secret? ‘Push-Ups Runner’ Completes London Marathon With Energy to Spare

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The crowd cheered him on as he dropped and did push-ups along the way – and still completed the London Marathon with a seriously impressive time of 2:51:39. And today, everyone is wondering, where does this marathoner get his energy?

This guy is simply loving the London Marathon!

Posted by BBC Sport on Sunday, April 24, 2016


The runner in question is Andy Lilley. And his secret? He’s vegan.

Speaking to Essential Surrey last year, Andy explained what keeps him running: “On a vegan diet, the body recovers better after exercise. I can run for longer, put on muscle quicker and the fat stays off”.

And he talked about how his love of animals keeps him going:

The competition to produce inexpensive meat, eggs and dairy products has led to animals being treated as nothing more than commodities. Each year, billions of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and fish – each capable of experiencing happiness, joy, loneliness and frustration, are killed to satisfy our appetite for animal products.

Andy Vegan London Marathon RunnerThis isn’t the first time Andy’s raced at lightning speed for animals. In 2012, he achieved an amazing 2:50:48
while raising money for PETA in the Barcelona Marathon. This year, he caught the attention of spectators and even BBC Sport with his quirky costume and Superman-esque push-up challenge, showing the world that a vegan diet can provide all the energy needed (and then some!) for marathon levels of strength and endurance.

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