What’s on the 2016 BAFTAs’ Menu?

Posted by on February 12, 2016 | Permalink

The stars of film and TV are in for a treat at this year’s BAFTAs! We’ve heard from Anton Manganaro, head chef of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, that organisers of this year’s bash have created some extraordinary mouth-watering, animal-free dishes.

Vegan meals will include peppers roasted over English beechwood, leek and wild mushrooms, pickled heritage carrots with poppy seed dressing and beetroot gel, and black-and-white quinoa with radish, lemon and avocado – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Guests will also be offered an aubergine tian with peppers, chestnut mushrooms, herb crust, tomato salsa, leaf spinach and rosemary potatoes. And the meal will be finished off with a vegan coconut crème brûlée with fresh raspberries, lime and Thai basil.

If there were an award for mouth-watering vegan catering, the BAFTAs would be a tough nominee to beat – attendees are in for a treat!

It isn’t just A-listers who are turning to plant-based eating, though. More and more people are eating vegan to avoid health problems while helping animals and the environment, too. In addition to sparing animals immense suffering in today’s industrialised meat, egg and dairy industries, vegans are less prone to suffering from heart disease, diabetes, strokes, obesity and cancer than meat-eaters are. They also have smaller carbon footprints, as the meat industry is a major producer of greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change.

So go on. Be a star for animals, the planet and your own health. Order PETA’s free vegan starter kit for recipes, tips and advice.