Word on the Street: Foie Gras Has Got to Go!

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“It sells what?” That’s a common response when people find out that Fortnum & Mason is still stocking inhumanely produced foie gras. Since I joined PETA as a campaigner last month, I’ve been arranging regular protests outside the Piccadilly store to raise awareness about this vile and un-British product.

With the help of a team of volunteers from all around the world (one of them invariably kitted out as a goose), I have taken to the streets to tell passers-by, tourists and, most importantly, Fortnum & Mason’s customers the truth: that geese have metal tubes violently forced down their throats in order to produce foie gras. Before parting with their money and trust, people deserve to know just what kind of company they’re supporting.

F&M foie gras protest 1st May 2013

The scale of the birds’ suffering is immense, and we expose their misery by displaying photos from undercover investigations on signs as we protest. Many people can’t believe what happens on foie gras farms until they see it with their own eyes. For thousands of people who walked past Fortnum & Mason this week, the shop will now always be linked in their minds with images of tortured geese.

The PETA “goose” is a big hit with tourists. Many of them like to pose with our costumed activist for a photo, but their smiles soon evaporate once they learn that the shop they’ve included in their sightseeing tour is making profits by selling a product that is illegal to produce in Britain.

One morning, a gentleman approached us on his way into the shop and asked for a leaflet. He was truly shocked to learn that Fortnum & Mason still sells foie gras, as he had assumed the shop had taken it off its shelves some time ago. After all, both Harvey Nichols and Selfridges refuse to sell the vile product. We told him that the best thing he could do to help the animals dying in agony for foie gras is to contact Fortnum & Mason personally to express his disappointment and to let the company know that he will no longer be shopping there.

This and many other similar encounters show that a lot of Fortnum & Mason’s customers just aren’t aware of the company’s cruel policies. Most people are compassionate at heart and hate the idea of animals suffering. It’s our job as activists to give them the facts. After learning the truth, most choose not to give their money to a business that has no regard for animal welfare.

PETA activists can often be seen talking to people on the street, handing out informational leaflets and grabbing attention with eye-catching banners. We always need more volunteers to help keep the pressure on, so if you’d like to get involved with the campaign by becoming a volunteer, please get in touch with me directly at [email protected] or join our Activist Network.

You can also make your voice heard online right now! Please take a moment to contact Fortnum & Mason and tell the company just how wrong it is to sell foie gras.