11 Reasons to Try Vegan for November

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November is World Vegan Month! The vegan movement is growing at an exciting pace, and World Vegan Month is an excellent time to raise awareness of the ethos behind it and ways we can create a kinder world.

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Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or simply “vegan-curious”, World Vegan Month is a great time to celebrate vegan living.

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11 Reasons to Go Vegan for November

If juicy vegan burgers aren’t reason enough, here are 11 other things to consider this World Vegan Month:

  1. Save the Lives of Animals
    More than 70 billion land animals are killed for food every year. Each individual vegan can spare the lives of nearly 200 animals per year. You won’t be taking part in a system that kills animals for dairy and eggs, either. As male chicks can’t lay eggs and haven’t been bred to produce excessive flesh for meat, they are killed shortly after hatching. When cows are worn out and no longer produce high volumes of milk, they’re slaughtered, too.
  2. Save Water
    It takes the equivalent of 50 bathtubs full of water to produce just one steak. It also takes 72% more water to raise cows for milk than it does to produce soya, so switch to plant milk for your morning cuppa.
  3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    Going vegan can reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. Scientists agree that plant-based foods have a smaller carbon footprint than their animal-derived equivalents. You simply can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist.
  4. It’s Easy
    From your local Tesco to Greggs, you can find fantastic vegan food everywhere. From vegan mochi ice cream to the McPlant or a Beyond Sausage – you’ll love it!
  5. Improve Your Health
    Vegan food is 100% cholesterol-free. You can also reduce your chances of developing diabetes by 23% to 62% by eating vegan.
  6. Prevent Another Pandemic
    A staggering 75% of emerging infectious diseases in humans come from other animals. After the events that have just taken place around the world, the last thing we need is another pandemic.
  7. Support Human Rights
    Workers in abattoirs and on factory farms are often some of the poorest and most exploited in the country, and working at an abattoir has been linked to various mental health problems. Records show that many workers grapple with suicidal thoughts and depression. It’s no surprise that this kind of work takes a psychological toll – the animals the workers kill are, after all, terrified and fighting for their lives, much like a cat, a dog, or a human would be.
  8. Save the Bees
    To prevent honey production from dropping, beekeepers will often kill the queen bee and replace her. Bees need their honey, we don’t. Agave syrup, anyone?
  9. Help The Oceans Thrive
    Over 300,000 whales and dolphins are killed every year as “by-catch” of industrial fishing. Watch Seaspiracy if you haven’t seen the hit Netflix documentary that blew the lid off of the fishing industry.
  10. Stay On Trend
    More than 1 billion animals are slaughtered every year in the leather industry. Sheep raised for wool are routinely mutilated, abused, and eventually killed. Foxes, minks, and chinchillas spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages just to be slaughtered for their fur. The exotic-skins industry claims the lives of millions of snakes, alligators, seals, zebras, and other animals. You can easily find fashionable animal-free clothes on the high street. Whether they’re using pineapple leather or orange-peel silk, the coolest designers choose compassion over cruelty.
  11. Let Mothers Keep Their Babies
    In the dairy industry, calves are taken from their mothers within 36 hours of birth and the mothers cry for their babies for days. Cheese simply isn’t worth a mother’s anguish.

Join the Movement

From Joaquin Phoenix to Lewis Hamilton, more and more people are choosing vegan. Join the compassionate club.

So what are you waiting for? Try vegan this November and sign up to our World Vegan Month Challenge!