Zac Goldsmith to Fortnum & Mason: Throw Out Foie Gras

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Zac Goldsmith, MP, has joined the call for Fortnum & Mason to drop foie gras – a food whose production is so cruel that it is illegal to produce in the UK and which His Royal Highness Prince Charles has banned from menus at his Royal residences. The Conservative politician, who is known for his concern for the environment, wrote to CEO Ewan Venters after seeing PETA’s investigation into the shocking treatment of geese on farms that the store gets foie gras from:

Traditional “la gavage” foie gras production is banned in the UK and a number of other leading stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nicols have withdrawn it from sale. I urge you to follow their example and recognise public opposition to foie gras production by removing it from Fortnum and Mason’s shelves.

CC Zac Goldsmith copyZac is joining a long line of celebrities, politicians and public figures who have spoken out against this vile product and the unacceptable suffering that it causes animals. Birds raised for foie gras have metal pipes forced down their throats several times each day and are force-fed until their livers swell to 10 times their normal size. MPs from all political parties, including Caroline Lucas, George Galloway and Mike Hancock, agree that foie gras is wrong – not to mention tens of thousands of PETA supporters who have already written to Mr Venters.

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Image: “Zac Goldsmith MP” by Policy Exchange | CC BY 2.0