Zahia Dehar Declares, ‘All Animals Have the Same Parts’

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Zahia Dehar’s brand-new PETA ad is making headlines! The lingerie designer’s provocative ad was shot by superstar musician and photographer Bryan Adams.

Zahia hopes to remind everyone with the ad that other animals are made of the same flesh, blood and bones that humans are. We have the same five senses and range of emotions. And of course, none of us wants to die violently.

PETA UK Zahia Ad

Humans allow themselves not just to kill animals but also to kill them in more and more atrocious ways. And all of this just for their own pleasure, for their personal satisfaction …. This has always disgusted me, because I’ve always been on the animals’ side. So if, like me, you don’t want animals to be abused, tortured or killed, please follow my example and switch to vegetarian meals.

– Zahia

Giving up meat is a great way to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes and obesity – not to mention sparing animals daily suffering and a terrifying death. So give it a try! Order a free vegan starter kit in English from PETA UK or visit PETA France for tips, advice and recipes in French.