PETA’s 2023 Vegan Homeware Awards

Chairs made from pineapple leather, coconut wax candles, and gadgets to make your own plant milk have all won accolades in PETA’s seventh annual Vegan Homeware Awards. Read on to see which designers and brands are leading the way in sustainable and compassionate decor this year.

  • Best Vegan Paint:

    Little Greene

    Not all paint is vegan – paint ingredients can include shellac (made from insects), beeswax, and other animal-derived substances that are sometimes used as binders. This is not the case with Little Greene, whose range is 100% vegan. Its water-based paint also comes in recycled, recyclable tins.

  • Best Wool-Free Throw:

    Piglet in Bed Warm Blue Café au Lait Textured Cotton Throw

    Wrap up warm while knowing that no sheep suffered for your home comforts with this cosy throw from Piglet in Bed. Made from sustainably sourced cotton, this throw offers versatility with its reversible design and subtle embellishments.

  • Best Vegan Sofa:


    Chill out on a sofa made without animal abuse. Snug’s beautiful range is free from leather, wool, and feathers, making it the perfect choice for those wishing to furnish their abode with cruelty-free comfort.

  • Best Down-Free Bedding:

    Devon Duvets

    This soft, comfortable bedding range is made from TENCEL – a wood-pulp cellulose derived from sustainable wood sources. By avoiding down, Devon Duvets is sparing geese and ducks a miserable life on a factory farm, where they’re plucked alive, and a violent death at the slaughterhouse.

  • Best Vegan Silk Sheets:


    Anyone’s sleep would be disturbed by knowing that silk is made by boiling silkworms alive, but it’s easy to avoid this cruelty and still enjoy luxurious bedding with Touché’s vegan range crafted from eucalyptus. This biodegradable material is soft and comfortable – and you can sleep well knowing that no living, feeling beings died for your bedding.

  • Best Statement Piece:

    Tamasine Osher Purton Chair in Piñatex

    Pineapple leather is one of fashion’s favourite vegan fabrics – but home decor is catching up. Designer Tamasine Osher’s creation in planet-friendly Piñatex is proof that furniture can be sleek and sophisticated without harming animals.

  • Best Companion Animal Accessory:

    OH HECK Calming Frenchie Blue Donut Dog Bed

    Your four-legged friend deserves the best, and OH HECK’s calming, anti-anxiety dog bed will help them relax in cosy comfort – all while doing its bit for the planet: this soft, fluffy accessory is made from post-consumer recycled materials, free from animal-derived fabrics.

  • Best Wool-Free Rug:

    The White Company Jute Round Rug

    A chic accessory that lends polish to your space, this rug from The White Company is also a friend to the environment: made from hard-wearing, plaited Indian jute, it is entirely biodegradable and free from pesticides. It’s also made without wool, meaning that no sheep where harmed in its production.

  • Best Kitchen Accessory:

    Milky Plant milk maker

    Make your own plant-based milk with this ultimate vegan kitchen accessory. Milky Plant’s machine is easy to use and allows you to have your own nut- and other plant-based drinks ready in no time. Free from the hassle of squeezing, this handy gadget also allows you to make milk that’s free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

  • Best Vegan Candles:

    Sun.Day of London

    Fill your space with the gorgeous scents of this high-end candle brand. All Sun.Day of London’s cruelty-free creations are made with GMO-free coconut and plant waxes instead of beeswax. Compassionate living has never smelled this good.

  • Compassionate Designer:

    Chloe Bullock, Materialise Interiors

    Brighton-based interior designer Chloe Bullock works with businesses and individuals to bring animal-friendly styling to spaces everywhere. Dedicated to ethical design, Chloe combines her in-depth knowledge of vegan materials with her unique flair to show how aspirational and inspiring cruelty-free decor can be.

Always Choose Vegan

Thanks to brands such as our award winners, more and more cruelty-free options are available for shoppers who want to avoid leather, feathers, wool, and silk.

Animals are not ours to wear or decorate our homes with. Before their skin or hair reaches shop shelves, animals endure a life of misery, pain, frustration, and fear – and many are skinned alive.

Every time you reach for your wallet, you have a choice: to stand up for animals or support the industries that exploit them. Find out more about vegan living:

Use our Vegan Fashion Guide to see how easy it is to replace animal-derived clothing with animal-friendly materials: