6 Plant-Based Milks That You’ve Never Heard Of

We’ve all tried almond, soya, oat and other popular plant-based milks that are taking over supermarkets – but have you heard about these exciting new options?

These exotic vegan milks could be on a store shelf near you soon, or if you’re too impatient, you could even make your own fresh version:

Pistachio Milkpistachio nuts

Milk made from pistachio nuts is reported to have a rich and creamy taste as well as a light sweetness. We seriously want to try this one in a latte.


Pecan MilkPecan Nuts

Pecans are said to be good for regulating cholesterol, so this nutty option could be good for your body as well as your taste buds. We reckon this unusual milk would be great in a smoothie – yum!


Pea MilkPea Protein split pea

Milk from peas?! Surely not. Well, a new brand called Ripple is making waves in the US with its dairy-free pea milk. After hearing that it contains eight times the protein of almond milk and 50 per cent more calcium than cows’ milk, we really want to test this one for ourselves.


Chufa Milk

Sometimes mistakenly called a tiger nut, chufa is a kind of tuber that’s supposed to have a variety of health benefits, making this unique milk suitable for those who suffer from nut allergies. Vegan company Besos de Oro will soon be rolling out this milk to stores around the UK.


Sesame Seed MilkSesame Seeds

Yes, you can get milk from seeds as well as nuts. You can make it yourself with the recipe from vegan bloggers Wrapped in Newspaper.


Quinoa Milk

Any vegan knows that quinoa is packed with protein, but you can also whip up a tasty milk from this nutrition-packed grain-like seed.


With the market for vegan milk on the rise, ditching dairy foods is the compassionate choice and can also benefit your health. With these exciting new flavours and options, you might find plant-based milk a lot easier to stomach than the secretions of abused cows.

Still taking your first baby steps into the world of non-dairy milks? Try some of these more popular options in your tea or on your cereal: