Announcing the Winner of the UK’s Best-Dressed Vegan Competition!

After launching our search for the UK’s best-dressed vegan, in which cruelty-free fashionistas vied to be named the most stylish in the country, we’ve carefully examined the entries and made the tough choice of whom to crown as the winner.

We’re pleased to announce Sruti Sethuraman from London has earned the title for her sophisticated array of animal-free outfits. She shows off her vegan looks on her fashion blog Love and Blossoms, where she also talks about her passion for helping animals by refusing to wear any animal-derived materials:

“The idea behind my blog is to inspire stylish dressing without the cruelty of wearing animal skins. My style is feminine and simple, and I love using colour to brighten up my outfits. I am also planning to launch my own vegan fashion brand soon!”

Best-Dressed Vegan Winner Fashion Blogger

Congratulations to Sruti, and thank you to all the fashionable vegans who entered the competition.

Besides looking fabulous, there are so many reasons to wear animal-free fashions and help save lives. On fur farms, animals such as foxes, minks, and chinchillas are confined to tiny, filthy wire cages before being poisoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive. Every year, more than one billion animals are slaughtered in the global leather industry, and many suffer a terrible journey to their deaths. Down feathers used in outerwear can be violently live-plucked from geese and ducks, and the exotic-skins industry claims the lives of millions of snakes, alligators, seals, zebras, and other animals.

There’s no need for animals to suffer for our vanity when so many stylish vegan alternatives are readily available. Check out some of our favourite animal-free clothing on our PETA-Approved Vegan brand list: