Attention, all crafty cats: we have the perfect DIY project for you! Even if you don’t have a kitty at home, you can still make these cat toys and donate them to your local shelter. (We’ll tell you more about that later.)

It’s really important to give your cat enough playtime and enrichment. Cats can get WILD, and they love to jump around and chase things, so these are bound to be new favourite toys for kitties with lots of energy.

Pom-Pom Wands

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yarn (wool-free of course!)
  • A fork (or you can use your fingers if you want a bigger pom-pom)
  • Scissors
  • A needle
  • String
  • A long wooden dowel
  • PVA glue

Here’s what to do:

  1. Place a length of yarn along the fork prongs. You can use your fingers instead of the fork if you want a bigger pom-pom.
  2. Wrap a longer piece of yarn loosely around the fork (or your fingers) about 50 to 75 times.
  3. Tie the other piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn to hold the pom-pom together.
  4. Slide the tied yarn off the fork (or your fingers) and cut through the loops on the opposite side to where the knot is.
  5. You can make it look neater by trimming any uneven ends.
  6. Repeat these steps to make as many pom-poms as you want to put on your toy.
  7. Connect the pom-poms by using a needle to thread string through the middle of each one. You can tie a knot in the string above and below each pom-pom to keep them in place or leave it untied if you want to be able to slide them up and down.
  8. Put a bit of glue on the end of the dowel, and wrap one end of the string around the glued end, leaving it held securely in place until the glue has dried.
  9. Test it out. Your cat will have so much fun chasing those pom-poms as you drag them along the ground or jumping for them in the air as you dangle them.

Catnip Bundles

Here’s an easy-to-make toy that your cat will go crazy for – just follow these steps:

  1. Cut a square of fabric that’s about as wide as your hand.
  2. Place a spoonful of catnip in the centre.
  3. Bring the edges of the fabric together to make a bundle.
  4. Tie a piece of string around the bundle – make sure that it is tight and won’t come untied.

Ta da! You’ve made a simple stuffed cat toy.


Let’s say you don’t have a cat. There are many loving cats waiting for permanent homes in shelters. A shelter is a safe place for animals to stay until they’re adopted. These places often need donations, and the cats in your local shelter would LOVE these toys. And who knows – you might end up meeting the cat of your dreams and taking him or her home if you and your family are ready to care for an animal companion. If you are, always remember to adopt an animal and never buy one from a pet shop or breeder. There are already so many kitties who need a home.