Ethical Fashion

Millions of animals are killed every year to satisfy the demand for fast fashion. From the cows marched hundreds of miles to be slaughtered for their skins to the minks and foxes crammed into tiny metal cages on filthy fur farms, every living being killed for something as frivolous as a fashion accessory endures immense suffering.

PETA has made great strides in raising awareness of cruelty to animals in the fashion industry. Our ground-breaking exposé of the down industry helped inform millions of people that birds are live-plucked for their feathers, and this shocking footage – which reveals that sheep are abused during shearing – has turned many against buying wool.

Thanks to consumers’ growing awareness of these issues, companies are starting to take note and offer cruelty-free alternatives. Not only are independent vegan designers and businesses offering fashionable items such as leather-free shoes and watches, big brands are also following the trend.

You can help make a difference for animals by choosing cruelty-free clothing and accessories.