14 Wool-Free Coats to See You Through the Winter

Posted by on October 12, 2016 | Permalink

This winter, embrace compassionate fashion by choosing a winter jacket that’s free from down, wool and fur.

There’s a wide variety of vegan-friendly coats and jackets available to keep you warm all winter. Check out our favourite vegan coats below!

Women Men

For Women

M&S Revere Collared Reversible Shearling Overcoat – £89

ASOS Boyfriend Coat in Cocoon Fit – £58

Forever 21 Longline Faux Suede Coat – £39

Topshop Slim Fit Boyfriend Coat – £59

New Look Khaki Faux Fur Trim Hooded Parka – £49.99


H&M Felted coat – £59.99


Oasis collarless coat – £85.00

For Men

M&S Cotton Blend Urban Parka with Stormwear – £89.00


Superdry Rookie Military Jacket – £69.99

Save the Duck Quilted jacket with removable hood – €319.00

H&M Pea Coat – £59.99

Topman Indigo Denim Faux Shearling Collar Flight Jacket – £70.00


ASOS Parka Jacket In Black with Faux Fur Lining – £80.00


New Look Navy Quilted Jacket – £39.99



There’s nothing kind about animal products like down, wool and fur.

Down: In order to create feather-stuffed products, ducks and geese have their feathers violently and painfully torn from their skin.

Wool: Sheep used for wool may be painfully mutilated, suffer in extreme weather conditions, be violently mistreated during shearing and be shipped to die in frightening ways.

Fur: Animals exploited on fur farms lead miserable lives and are sometimes still alive when their coats and skin are removed.

With the amount of vegan products available, there is no need to support the barbaric fur and down industries. You can make a difference with every cruelty-free item you buy. Check out our Vegan Fashion Awards for more shopping inspiration.