Europe’s Top Vegan-Friendly Cities

Vegan eateries are popping up across Europe, and PETA’s list of the best cities for plant-based fare serves as a useful resource for anyone looking to take a break in a place filled with vegan restaurants, cafés, and shops.


A favourite destination for weekends away, Amsterdam combines picturesque scenery with plenty of bars and restaurants. Check out vegan food shop and café Vegabond, located next to a beautiful canal, and try some tasty cakes at Koffie ende Koeck. New kid on the block Vegan Junk Food Bar is making a splash on the city’s vegan scene, serving huge stacked burgers and other indulgent meals.


Famous amongst vegans, Berlin is truly the capital of cruelty-free food in Europe. You’ll be spoilt for choice, but be sure to check out Brammibal’s Donuts for some deep-fried treats, Yoyo FoodWorld for a mind-blowing junk food menu, and Vöner for a mouth-watering vegan meat kebab.


Compassionate diners don’t lack choice in Edinburgh, which boasts a growing number of vegan restaurants. Check out our guide of places to eat in the city here.

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Treat yourself to a stay at Aanaajaanaa, a vegan bed and breakfast, and fill up on the all-you-can-eat buffet at Komkommertijd. The city was also the first in Europe to introduce a meat-free day of the week.

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Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg, is packed with trendy shops, cafés, and bars. Vegans can fill up on snacks at food shop Happy Vegan, visit clothing store THRIVE to stock up on style essentials, and even get a cruelty-free haircut at EcoLinné salon.


Groningen has a vegan supermarket, Vegansuper, as well as Bla Bla – the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, which has added vegan options because of customer demand. Start the day with breakfast at Anat, and later, tuck into cruelty-free cakes at De Herbivoor.


There are vegan restaurants all over the UK capital, including the groundbreaking fried “chicken” shop Temple of Hackney. Check out our full guide to plant-based food in the city here.

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There’s more to Italian food than pizza and pasta. Visitors to Milan can try everything from experimental delicacies at Joia to vegan kebabs at Universo Vegano. There’s also an annual vegan festival, MiVEG.

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Vegans in Naples can choose from a growing number of all-vegan eateries, including ‘O Grin and Sbuccia e Bevi. Be sure to try the tofu-mozzarella pizza at Sorbillo and the seitan cutlets at Amico Bio – Un Sorriso Integrale.

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Strasbourg’s bustling vegan scene boasts Vélicious, the city’s first vegan restaurant, which serves beautiful pastries and cakes, as well as the Chez Veg’Anne food truck.

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