The Most Vegan-Friendly Universities in the UK

Students in the UK are going vegan in huge numbers, and many universities are joining the plant-powered revolution. Find out which ones made it onto our list and what you can do to improve your institution’s vegan options.

These are the most vegan-friendly universities in the UK:

  • Cardiff University

    Cardiff University

    As part of its Sustainable Food Policy, the university is working towards a 50% reduction in meat and dairy options across campus by the end of 2023. The university has promoted World Vegan Month with events including cookery demonstrations, vegan food giveaways, and a three-course dinner. Meat-free eateries on campus include Green Shoots Café, bubble tea and dessert shop Boba Time, and The Falafel House, each of which has delicious vegan fare.

  • Falmouth University

    Falmouth University shares its students’ union as well as the Penryn campus with the University of Exeter, and the joint union has voted to transition to fully vegan catering. The aptly named Sustainability Café serves only vegan and vegetarian options. The menu features healthy and flavoursome salads, a smashed coronation chickpea wrap with mango chutney and cucumber, and a hoisin “duck”, spring onion, and cucumber wrap. Head to Koofi for vegan pizza or the Stannary Bar for nachos, burritos, and pizzas that can be made with vegan cheese. For something warming, try Stannary Kitchen’s comforting hotpot or bean chilli nachos.

  • Pixabay

    Goldsmiths, University of London

    Goldsmiths’ decision in 2019 to remove all cow flesh from catering services across campus as part of its efforts to help the planet inspired other UK universities to cut the amount of meat they offer – and to up their vegan game! University eateries present vegan food first on their counters in an effort to help reduce meat consumption. Hot vegan lunches are available from The Balcony and sandwiches, cakes, and hot drinks from the Students’ Union Café.

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    Imperial College London

    A survey showed that 85% of students at Imperial College London have considered the impact of their food on the environment. That’s why the college catering services provide a wide variety of vegan food. Its innovative café Plantworks is fully vegan, and plant-based eats are available across campus: try the nachos at The Works, a burger at The Foundry, or explore the vegan offerings at the SCR Restaurant or The Loud Bird. In its Sustainable Food and Drink Policy, the university has pledged to increase vegan options by at least 50% by 2024, make vegetarian the default option for event catering, and provide non-dairy milks at no extra charge by the end of 2023.

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    King’s College London

    Roots Café in Bush House is fully vegan and serves Fairtrade coffee. It offers rotating menus of hot lunches inspired by cuisine from around the world. From West African Stew served with jollof rice and fried plantain to Oyster Mushroom Shawarma served with flatbread, pickled cabbage, crispy salad, and minted yoghurt, you’ll find new delights daily. The Shack, also in Bush House, offers vegan snacks. As part of the university’s Sustainable Food Policy, sandwiches at all meetings and hospitality events are vegan or vegetarian by default, at least one plant-based option is on the menu at eateries daily, hot food counters have one meat-free day per week, and cow flesh is not served at its restaurants and outlets.

  • Lancaster University

    Students voted – with a 95% majority – in favour of a transition to fully plant-based catering by 2027. The university recognises the growing demand for vegan food, which, along with plant-based milk, is now available at all its outlets. The Pendle Brew café and bar serves exclusively vegan or vegetarian food, and the menu includes a vegan sausage roll, Chilli non Carne with rice and vegan cheese, and nachos with vegan cheese sauce. HIVE also has a wealth of options, such as a smoothie pot and a vegan bacon breakfast roll.

  • London Metropolitan University

    London Metropolitan University

    In the spring of 2023, the students’ union voted in favour of transitioning to a plant-based campus. The current target is for 60% of options to be vegan and for this to increase by 10% annually. The university recognises the health, environmental, and wellbeing benefits of eating less animal-derived food, and vegan choices are available by default at eateries and catered events across campus.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) voted to ban beef on environmental and ethical grounds, thanks to the hard work of PETA campus rep Phoebe Woodruff. The university catering service is working to prioritise sustainability, and it aimed for 60% of its menu to be vegan by the 2021–2022 academic year. Campus restaurant The Garrick no longer serves beef or lamb, plant-based dishes are displayed first on serving counters, and the university promotes vegan eating via awareness campaigns. The meat-free Shaw Café offers a range of vegan soups, wraps, cakes, and smoothies, and plant-based milk is served as standard – you can choose from oat, almond, coconut, or soya milk for your ethically sourced coffee. At Café 54, try vegan gyoza followed by vegan slab cake, or at the Fourth Floor Restaurant, find a daily plant-based option inspired by dishes from around the world.

  • Newcastle University

    The Student Council at Newcastle University joins the growing list of other student bodies that have voted in favour of a fully vegan campus. The university continues to expand its plant-based provisions, and the menu for event catering offers delicious choices such as vegetable samosas, bhajis, and a sticky BBQ jackfruit pizza. Sweet treats include a banana and cinnamon cake and lemon zest cookies. At the university’s food outlets, you’ll find mouthwatering vegan burgers at Chicken Shack and tasty vegan choices among the sandwiches and light lunches at Bites and the traybakes and cakes at most cafés. The Frederick Douglass café also offers a daily vegan option.

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    Nottingham Trent University

    Students at Nottingham Trent University will find plenty of vegan options at campus eateries, and 55% of all freshly prepared dishes are vegetarian or vegan. Indulge in a full English breakfast at the Refectory, featuring Linda McCartney sausages, hash browns, herby potatoes, beans, tomatoes, and toast. Vegan mains include all your comfort food favourites like pies, Bolognaise, and bangers and mash. The university has regular vegan street food pop-ups on campus, and its Campaign for COP26 climate crisis event had fully vegan catering.

  • Queen Mary University of London

    Queen Mary University of London

    The students’ union passed a motion that will see its catering transition to entirely plant-based by 2029. In the meantime, it is working towards 60% of food being vegan by the 2024–2025 academic year and then to increase this by a further 10% annually in subsequent years. The university provides a minimum of two plant-based options at lunch and dinner and sets out in its Sustainable Catering Policy that it will increase the availability of dishes made up of fruit, vegetables, pulses, and nuts while continuing to reduce the use of animal-derived foods.

  • Swansea University

    At the students’ union shop, Root, you’ll find many delicious vegan dishes at the hot lunch counter and salad bar, including soups, chillies, and curries as well as sweet treats such as cakes. The zero-waste shop on Singleton Campus has refill stations where you can stock up on vegan essentials like pasta and pulses, and at bar Tafarn Tawe, you can grab a hot drink with dairy-free milk at no extra cost. In 2021, the students’ union ran its first-ever “Veganuary” campaign, with a line-up of activities including a talk by PETA.

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    University College London (UCL)

    The students’ union passed a motion in May 2023, urging the university to transition to offering only vegan food on campus. The initial goal is for menus across the students’ union catering services to be 60% plant-based by the 2024–2025 academic year and to then increase this proportion by 10% in subsequent years. UCL has regular vegan street food pop-ups, a dedicated vegan hot food counter, and special World Vegan Month menus. As part of its university-wide Powered by Plants campaign to reduce its carbon footprint, as of 2022, its hospitality catering is vegan or vegetarian, and plant-based options are offered as standard for event catering. At least half of the food on campus is meat-free, vegan food is always offered at a cheaper price than meat, and oat milk is offered at the same price as dairy.

  • Pixabay

    University of Aberdeen

    Crisp, in the students’ union building, specialises in vegan and vegetarian food, and its evening menu is updated weekly. Across the four Aberbean Cafes, a wide variety of vegan delights are showcased and there is no extra cost for plant milk options. At RockSalt Food Court, over half of the dishes are vegan and vegetarian, and from April 2023, the university pledged to remove all red meat from Food Court menus and gradually increase the number of vegan and meat-free options.

  • University of Bath

    Students can indulge in the many vegan options across campus, including at vegan café Parade, located at the centre of the campus, where you can enjoy stunning views across the lake while tucking into a hot lunch or a pastry or cake. The university aims to reduce meat consumption as part of its Sustainable Food Commitment, recognising that it is “the single largest action” the institution can take to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • University of Birmingham

    University of Birmingham

    As part of its Net Zero Carbon plan, the university has expanded its vegan options, aiming for menus to be 50% plant-based by 2024 and working towards dairy-free becoming “the norm” on campus – one initiative it trialled to encourage this was to serve oat milk by default at one of its cafés. In March 2023, the Guild of Students voted in favour of a transition to offering only vegan food at the university and are supporting an initial target of 60%, which it aims to increase annually by 10%.

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    University of Brighton

    Plant-based meals are available as standard across the university’s Food Hubs. Try the vegan chicken katsu or a choice of burgers at Westlain, a grilled vegetable pizza at Mezz, or a vegan Cornish pasty at Megabytes. The university actively promotes the consumption of plant-based meals and the reduction of meat and dairy and supports students in making compassionate decisions by offering delicious and convenient choices, such as a hearty breakfast including vegan sausages, sandwiches for on-the-go lunches, and hot meals and dessert options at dinner service.

  • Unsplash

    University of Bristol

    Bristol is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK, and the University of Bristol was the first in the country to declare a climate emergency. In its catered residences, the university runs Meat Free Mondays, is introducing Flexitarian Fridays, and holds a Plant-Based Week each year, and Senate House Marketplace offers several vegan meals. Since 2020, the university has removed cow flesh from its “Grab and Go” ranges across cafés on campus, and as of 2022, 66% of menus on campus are vegan.

  • Pixabay

    University of Cambridge

    In 2016, the university’s catering service significantly reduced its use of beef and lamb, replacing it with plant-based foods across its 14 outlets and 1,500 annual events. This has spared the lives of many cows and lambs and has also helped the university cut its food-related carbon emissions by one-third. In 2023 and 2024, the students’ union voted to serve only vegan food across the university to help combat the climate and biodiversity crises, and Darwin College has become the first to adopt a vegan menu for its May Ball. The university also states in its Sustainable Food Policy that it is working to reduce the consumption of dairy products while promoting plant-based foods.

  • University of Edinburgh

    University of Edinburgh

    Currently, 50% of meal options in campus outlets are meat-free, and the university is working towards offering a greater variety of plant-based foods. It also has a dedicated vegan hotspot, Humpit, serving super salads, falafel, and heavenly houmous. Brücks Street Kitchen offers vegan delights on its weekly menu based on street food from around the world, and at Element, you can build a customised salad and top it with a plant-based protein.

  • University of Exeter

    The University of Exeter is expanding its vegan offering and swapping meat with ingredients like pulses and grains. Over 30% of the menu is currently meat-free, with a plan to ultimately reach 50%. The growing range of choices at the university’s food outlets includes a Quorn sausage breakfast butty and katsu smoked tofu burger at La Touche Cafe and an aubergine and chickpea dopiaza with Bombay potatoes at Super Savour Kitchen. At The Ram Bar, you can choose from nachos, a southern-fried Quorn wrap, and a plant-based brunch. Head to iSCA Eats for BBQ Quorn wings, Keralan tofu curry, and burgers oozing with Applewood smoked vegan cheese and the diner’s signature burger sauce. Students at the University of Exeter in Cornwall voted for fully plant-based campus catering. See Falmouth University for details.

  • University of Huddersfield

    University of Huddersfield

    The University of Huddersfield opened its first vegetarian café in 2019, which quickly became a campus favourite. Most of the eateries across the university have gone beef-free, and all have expanded their vegan offerings. At Café Central, there is a delicious selection of vegan sandwiches, paninis, and toasties, and at International Kitchen, you’ll find homecooked plant-based fare and a salad bar. As part of its Sustainable Food Policy, the university is working to promote the consumption of plant-based foods and offer a greater variety of options.

  • University of Kent

    In June 2023, students voted in favour of university catering outlets switching to fully plant-based menus, and the transformation is underway: the motion has now been passed and it is hoped that the transition will be complete by 2028. In the meantime, at Mungo’s, students can find yummy burgers and fries topped with vegan cheese and all its classic shakes can be made vegan on request – we recommend the Lotus Biscoff shake. At Origins, where you can play shuffleboard and darts for free, enjoy delicious vegan fare such as Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese, which you can top with Vegan Barbeque Chick’n, or try the Smokey Bean Chili Nachos. Stop by Hut 8 for a falafel or Dolche Vita for a jacket potato filled with vegan cheese, beans, or vegan chilli – or all three!

  • University of Leicester

    Students, rejoice! There are two vegan cafés at the University of Leicester: Wholesome (located in Campus Kitchen) and The Pantry (located in Union St Food Market), serving flavourful dishes like curries, samosas, and Buddha bowls. Head to Queens Pizza and Pasta for one of its hand-stretched pizzas such as the Buffalo Chick’n, made with buffalo style chick’n strips and vegan mozzarella. If African- or Caribbean-inspired food is what you’re looking for, Soul offers Chickn Wings in Reggae Reggae sauce, a Jerk Chickn Flatbread, and Run Down Curry made with plantain and roasted veg stew.

  • University of Manchester

    Not only can students at the University of Manchester enjoy studying in the music capital of the UK, they can also relish plenty of delicious plant-based goodness! Cafés across campus offer vegan options, including Change Café, The Place, Café at the Library Lounge, Lime Café, and The Hive, and the food-in-residence service runs Meat Free Mondays.

  • University of Nottingham

    University of Nottingham

    In its Sustainable Living Guide, the university recommends that students eat less meat and dairy to help the planet, and it has launched a Campus Vegan Menu. At The Filthy Vegan in the Portland Building, you can try the Famous Filthy Kebab, Hangover Doner, or Side Chik Burger. There’s a range of breakfast items at the Club House, like the blueberry or raspberry filled croissant or the vegan bacon breakfast roll. Hops offers hearty dishes, including a three bean chilli and a butternut squash, spinach, and lentil curry. Or if you’re in the mood for Italian food, try the vegan pasta bake or the Vegan Stuffed Crust Bac’n and Mushroom pizza at Vesper.

  • Unsplash

    University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford is working to expand its range of plant-based foods, and currently, the menus at most of its cafés managed by Compass (around three-quarters of the university’s food services) are 50% meat-free and vegan, and a plant-based option is offered daily at dinner service in the halls of residence. It has also committed to serving vegan or vegetarian food by default at catered events. The students’ union promotes plant-based eating: it runs an annual “Veggie Pledge”, encouraging students to ditch meat and/or all animal-derived products, and in 2020, it voted for a university-wide ban on cow and lamb flesh sales in order to reduce the university’s greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Unsplash

    University of Plymouth

    A tranquil environment with impressive vegan options, the meat-free Reservoir Café is a top spot among students. There, you’ll find delicious salads, wraps, jacket potatoes, and bagels – everything needed to fuel students with vegan power. Head to Loafers Deli for a vegan sausage, caramelised onion, and rocket sandwich, Portland’s Pizzeria to try its Meatball Marinara pizza, or Library Café for a Vegan Red Thai Pasty. Across campus cafés, 50% of fare is vegan or vegetarian, and 75% of main dishes are now meat-free.

  • University of Portsmouth

    University of Portsmouth

    The University of Portsmouth is expanding its vegan options on campus in response to demand from staff and students and to combat the climate catastrophe. About 40% of food served on campus is plant-based, which is often the cheaper option, and thanks to the university’s loyalty scheme, vegan eating is even more budget friendly: for every six vegan meals purchased, you’re entitled to a seventh on the house! The university has also switched to vegan mayonnaise, and all the salad counters are vegan.

  • University of Stirling

    In another sterling example of students making a difference on campus, the students’ union voted to make its food offerings fully plant-based by 2025. Wow! In the meantime, the campus already offers wonderful vegan options, like those at SUP!’s V-go vegan deli bar. It has conquered the hearts and stomachs of Stirling students with its range of sweet treats, snacks, loaded baked potatoes, homemade soups, and grab-and-go items. You’ll find a hearty club sandwich at Nourish, or try a Vegano Pizza or a Beetroot and Quinoa Burger at Refresh Sports Bar.

  • University of Sussex

    The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba is a vegetarian café which offers loaded vegan salads, veggie poke bowls, báhn mì sandwiches, and noodle soups . The outlet’s hydroponic farm wall provides fresh produce for its delicious vegan dishes. Across the university, half of the meals on offer are currently meat-free, and vegan options are encouraged by showcasing them at the top of menus. The institution also provides £2 plant-based meals during lunch hours, making vegan eating even more accessible, and is even delivering free monthly plant-based cooking lessons that encourage students to reduce their meat intake.

  • University of the Arts London

    The caterers at the Central Saint Martins campus have removed red meat from the canteen and are increasing the amount of meat-free and plant-based dishes on offer. Across the university’s six colleges, 70% of food served is either vegan or vegetarian, and there are vegan options at all outlets.

  • University of the West of England Bristol

    Enjoy delicious, sustainable food on campus at Wild Kitchen, UWE Bristol’s first fully vegan café. Try the signature dish, the Iskender Kebab, made with “chicken” strips, served with rice, tomato sauce, garlic, and grilled peppers, or head to The Atrium for a Moving Mountains hot dog or a Vegan Cheese and Beans Jacket. The university has increased vegan options in line with its policy to reduce meat consumption. Currently, 30% of food offered on campus is plant-based, which it aims to increase to 40% by 2025 and 55% by 2030.

  • University of Winchester

    University of Winchester

    In a first for a UK university, the University of Winchester marked World Vegan Day on 1 November 2019 by offering all-vegan food across campus. There’s always a variety of vegan options available across its outlets, such as Cyber Italia’s vegan salami pizza. Ethical Earth offers a variety of plant-based milks, sandwiches, paninis, and cakes, and you can build your own sandwich and choose a vegan protein at The Deli Bar. The university encourages people to eat compassionately and consider animals exploited on farms, the planet, and personal wellbeing when making food choices.

Want Your University to Serve More Vegan Options?

As more young people are going vegan than ever before, PETA has launched the “Vegan-Friendly Campus Catering” guide – an essential downloadable resource filled with advice, a sample menu, and a letter template to equip students with the tools they need to petition their institutions for better on-campus vegan dining options. Get a free copy now:

Note: Please always be sure to double-check the ingredients before purchasing anything on this list, as manufacturers are at liberty to change them at any time.