It’s the 2022 PETA Fashion Awards!

The vegan fashion revolution has truly arrived – from fur-free catwalks to luxury apparel made from plants. The PETA Fashion Awards 2022 celebrate the progressive brands making stylish statements for animals and the planet.

  • Best Catwalk Moment: Copenhagen Fashion Week bans fur

    Once a supporter of the fur trade, Denmark’s premier fashion event did a complete turnaround this year and banned fur from its runways. This is a welcome move for anti-fur campaigners and a win for animals everywhere.

  • Villain of the Year: H&M

    Campaigners cheered when H&M introduced groundbreaking bans on mohair and cashmere, sparing goats abuse. But this year, the fashion giant went back on its promise and is again selling products made of these fibres that are cruelly stolen from animals. Join us in calling on this villain to reinstate the bans here.

  • Baby Crocodile

    Best Luxury Moment: Burberry bans exotic skins

    Recognising that wildlife doesn’t belong in anyone’s wardrobe, iconic British brand Burberry announced this year that it will ban the skins of lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and other exotic animals from all its ranges. The luxury brand had already banned fur and angora

  • Best Vegan Leather: Nanushka OKOBOR

    Already renowned for its vegan leather designs, Nanushka has now gone one step further by offering its own, exclusive vegan leather. OKOBOR incorporates recycled fabrics into a high-quality material with the aesthetic of animal-derived leather.

  • Best Vegan Bags: FRIDA ROME

    Following their success on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, on which they secured investment, the best friends and business partners behind FRIDA ROME look forward to bringing their edgy, chic bags made of cactus leather to more conscious fashionistas – and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this stylish duo.

  • Best Luxury Product: Balenciaga Women’s Maxi Hooded Wrap Coat

    Balenciaga made headlines with its vegan coat, designed by creative director Demna and crafted from Ephea, a vegan leather made from mushroom fibre mycelium by material innovation company SQIM. Plant-based luxury that doesn’t harm animals or the environment? We’re here for it.

  • Best Vegan Wool: ECOPEL Cannaba

    ECOPEL is a pioneer in the faux fur space, and its innovators have now moved into vegan wool with its plant-derived material Cannaba. This soft and cosy teddy fabric is made from hemp – possibly one of the most sustainable materials in fashion, as it doesn’t require large quantities of water or any chemicals. And of course, sheep are spared a miserable life on factory farms, rough and painful shearing, and a violent death in the abattoir.

  • Designer of the Year: Sarah Regensburger

    A fully vegan show at London Fashion Week? Sarah Regensburger made that vision a reality this year when she showcased an entirely vegan collection, including innovative materials such as cactus leather. Her daring, eye-catching looks attract vegan and non-vegan fashion lovers, proving that ethical style can be universally appealing.

  • Changemaker of the Year: Rebecca Cappelli

    In directing Slay, the first-ever full-length documentary exploring the ways in which animals are abused for fashion, filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli has brought an important message to light: the fur, leather, and wool industries hurt animals, humans, and the environment. It is a must-see.

  • Best Menswear: Piilgrim

    Fashion meets function in Piilgrim’s relaxed, streetwear-inspired designs. This fully vegan brand is dedicated to ethical practices and transparent production, which makes it even more of a winner in our book.

  • Best Wedding Fashion: Pīferi Bridal Collection

    Tying the knot? Add a touch of animal-friendly luxury to your wedding-day look with vegan designer shoe label Pīferi’s bridal capsule collection. Romantic detailing meets clean silhouettes in this animal-free range, made for a day to remember.

  • Innovation Award: Natural Fiber Welding

    Proving that vegan leather can indeed be plastic-free, Natural Fiber Welding has developed MIRUM, a material made from 100% bio-based ingredients, such as natural rubber and plant-based oils and waxes, which is recyclable at the end of its lifespan. The material is also customisable to a brand’s specific needs, minimising waste.

  • Most Wanted Award: JW PEI

    Loved by Megan Fox, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few, JW PEI is the vegan handbag brand that celebs cannot get enough of. JW PEI’s versatile leather-free bags are easy to match with casual daytime outfits as well as after-dark ensembles, and of course, this arm candy is free from cruelty to animals. We love it.

  • Best Vegan Shoes: LØCI

    Leonardo DiCaprio had his eye on the (eco-friendly) ball when he invested in vegan sneaker brand LØCI. Crafted from recycled ocean plastic, LØCI footwear is durable, sustainable, and easy to match with everything from casual jeans to boho-inspired maxi dresses.

Animals are not ours to wear, and when used for their skin, fur, wool, or feathers, they’re treated like a collection of body parts, not the sensitive, intelligent individuals they are. But thanks to brands such as our compassionate award winners, the fashion industry is changing and we’re moving towards a kinder, more sustainable future.

To shop for more animal-free fashion, check out some of the “PETA-Approved Vegan” brands: