Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes That Only Take 15 Minutes

Hungry and in a hurry? You can whip up all these satisfying vegan recipes in a matter of minutes:

1. Pasta with Spinach-Cannellini Sauce from Veggiphile

2. Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich

Mock Tuna Sandwich

3. Spicy Romaine Rolls with Peanut Sauce from The Whole Ingredient

Romaine Rolls_mini

4. Easy Vegan Burritos from An Ode to Mung Beans


5. Colourful Sumac Giant Cous Cous Salad from Bunny Kitchen

CousCous Salad

6. Tofu, Miso, Udon Noodle Soup from Coconut and Berries

Tofu Soup

7. Easy Minestrone from What Leila Eats


8. Avocado Toasts from Vegan Lass

Avocado Toast_mini

9. 15-Minute Chickpea-and-Spinach Curry from Little Miss Meat-Free

Optimized-Chickpea Curry_mini

10. Three-Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream

Ice Cream

11. Lazy Chocolate Pudding from P.S. It’s Vegan

Optimized-Chocolate Pud_mini