10 Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Posted by on April 14, 2023 | Permalink

A vegan breakfast – much like any other type of breakfast – can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, from a quick fuel-up to an all-out brunch extravaganza.

These are some of our favourite vegan ways to start the day.

1. Pancakes

You don’t need to use eggs and milk to whip up a delicious pile of breakfast pancakes! It’s hard to find a more satisfying weekend breakfast. Serve a stack topped with bananas, blueberries and maple syrup. Here’s an easy basic recipe.

2. Toast

It may be stating the obvious, but toast slathered with Marmite, marmalade, peanut butter, jam or even dairy-free chocolate spread is a viable vegan option – just remember to use dairy-free margarine such as Pure or Vitalite. Or mix it up with crumpets, Scotch pancakes or English muffins. (Most supermarket brands are vegan, but do check the ingredients to be certain.)

3. Breakfast muffins 

Go on, treat yourself a little. Muffins are equally good with your mid-morning coffee. This easy blueberry muffin recipe is pretty much foolproof.

4. Cereal 

Many types of cereal are vegan, including Weetabix, Rice Krispies and most brands of bran flakes, cornflakes and muesli. Instead of cow fluids, serve them with your dairy-free milk of choice.

5. Tofu Scramble

Way better than scrambled chicken ova, this delicious breakfast dish can be whipped up in minutes and customised with whatever additional vegetables and spices take your fancy.

6. Porridge

A humble bowl of porridge is cheap, comforting and guaranteed to fill you up for hours to come! Oats and water are all you really need, but make the mix more interesting by adding soya or almond milk, toasted seeds, fresh fruit, jam, a dusting of cinnamon or all the above.

7. Smoothies

The best thing about smoothies? In addition to being refreshing and delicious, they’re a nifty way to consume several of your five-a-day in one go! Here’s some inspiration.

8. Homemade granola

This one takes a little more preparation, but it’s totally worth it for the delicious crunchy, nutty flavour. You can make a big batch and store it in an airtight container for several weeks. There are tonnes of recipes available online such as this one.

9. Cereal bars 

When there just isn’t time for a sit-down breakfast, vegan cereal bars such as Nākd bars, Clif Bars, 9bars and Trek Protein Bars are great for fuelling up on the go.

10. The vegan full English 

Combine tofu scramble, baked beans, fried mushrooms and possibly a cheeky grilled tomato or two, and you’ll have yourself a damn satisfying fry-up. The fact that it will have been created without harming animals will only make it extra-tasty!

What’s your vegan breakfast of choice? Let us know by leaving a comment. For more tips on going vegan, order our free starter kit!