Choose Compassion – Go Vegan!

We have a choice about what we eat, and millions of people around the world have chosen to adopt a diet that doesn’t harm animals in any way – by going vegan!

Scientific evidence shows that our bodies actually function better when we don’t consume any meat, eggs or dairy products. Eating animal products can clog your arteries with cholesterol and increase your risk of developing obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It also massively increases your carbon footprint and involves daily participation in a system that exploits, maims and slaughters animals.

Happy Sheep

A compassionate plant-based diet is the obvious choice for people who are worried about cruelty to animals, climate change or their health. It’s becoming more and more popular every day, and as a result, vegan options abound in restaurants, in supermarkets and on the high street.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your vegan diet today, and we guarantee you’ll feel 100 per cent better about what you’re eating. And you’ll be in good company, too: Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Leona Lewis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Morrissey, Jared Leto, Tobey Maguire, Emily Deschanel, Moby, Bryan Adams, Thom Yorke, Carl Lewis, Jake Shields, Alan Cumming … the list of vegan celebrities goes on and on!

Help With Making the Switch

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